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Dorado Beach, A Ritz Carlton Reserve

The Puerto Rico ICON Conference is a business and finance think tank platform designed to connect the greatest minds of important leaders across a wide range of industries. At ICON, we will explore relevant topics that influence our society and discuss attainable solutions to modern problems. Our goal is to make Puerto Rico a brainstorming hub of innovation that will positively impact the local economy, as well as the rest of the world.


At ICON Institute we truly believe that we are living in a very special time. In this year’s edition of PR ICON we seek to support local entrepreneurship and connect locals and new residents to investment and philanthropic opportunities in Puerto Rico.  

Additionally,  apart from receiving invaluable content from over 30 speakers, and participating in an exclusive networking cocktail, through ticket purchases the attendees will be supporting our Non-Profit, ICON Institute.

Important to note, that the net proceeds of this year’s event will go towards:

  • Supporting local entrepreneur programs such as Nov. 8th’s Mentorship Day at Dorado Beach.
  • Net proceeds of event tickets sales will be donated towards a fund for agricultural entrepreneurs that were affected by Fiona. Additional donations for these farms will be accepted on site of event, passed through 100% to the agriculture fund.  


Albert Baco

Alberto Bacó

Andrew Keys

Franco Mondo

Happy Walters

Karla Barrera

Manuel Ortiz

Ricardo Álvarez Díaz 

Richard Santana

William Rosellini

Giovanni Méndez 

Jordan Fried

Joey Krug

Rodolfo SánchezColberg

Jacobo Ortiz Blanes

Basil Hantash

Steve Wiggins

Sam Cassatt

David Kim

Flex Chapman 

Crystal Diaz

Chris McElvany

Linda Vester

Daniel Carcillo

Brenda Marrero

Tony Navarro

Isabel Rullán

Ángel Santiago

Gualberto Rodríguez 

Todd Kramer

Crystal Rose Pierce

Spencer Sloan

Federico Stubbe

Mikol Hoffman

Fermin Fontanés

Anita Pramoda