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Mentorship Day is a free, half-day event that will empower emerging entrepreneurs with the potential to create a significant positive social and economic impact. As part of the Institute’s goal to promote entrepreneurship and mentorship, this event will connect talented entrepreneurs with innovative ideas to the education and resources necessary to propel their startups and achieve a greater level of success.

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Past Speakers

Richard Santana

Karla Barrera

Happy Walters

Brenda Marrero

Gustavo Diaz Skoff

Ricardo Álvarez Díaz 

William Rosellini

Albert Baco

Alberto Bacó

Juan Parra

Dana Montenegro 

Jonathan González

Henry Keenan

Waikit Lou

Demiban Díaz Torres

Brian Bourgerie

Mónica Rocafort

Enrique Alonso

Javier Rivera

Lee Underwood